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Women Organisation

Calvyn Protestant Church (CPC) Athlone’s Women’s Organisations

The Calvyn Protestant Church’s Women’s organization was established on the 5 December 1950 by the late Mrs Sarah Morkel, the wife of the Late Dr Isaac Morkel, the founder of the CPC.


  • To strive to live a committed Christian life;
  • To share the love of Christ with others and to create opportunities for the saving of lost souls;
  • To contribute towards the spiritual, welfare and material needs of the congregation and the community;
  • To co-operate with the Church Council with regard to executing the vision of the Church;
  • To provide all women with friendship, encouragement, love, support and prayer;
  • To support other ministries in the church.

The Women’s organization consists of two vibrant groups:

1. Seniors (Ages 60 and over)- Currently consists of forty five members (that includes honoree members). Meet twice a month- on the first (meeting) and third (social) Saturdays of the month at 14h30 at the Church. The social gatherings include programs where real and relevant topics are discussed and guest speakers are invited to address the topics; crafts, physical activity, bible study, weekend away trips etc.

2. Women’s Fellowship (Ages 30 to 60) - Currently consists of twenty two members. Meet every second Friday of the month at 19h30 at the Church.