Athlone Calvinist Protestant Church

Making it count for the kingdom because the time has come

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We must be like trees planted by the water, using the gifts of the Spirit to produce the fruits of the Spirit.
This is done through the power of the Holy Spirit in in the light of the second coming


Thanks for visiting our website. We are a warm and loving church situated in the heart of Kewtown, Cape Town, South Africa. As a church we embrace the core issues of Christianity and aim to present it in a way that is real, smart and fun. Our passion and aim is to assist people to connect with God who is our Saviour and who loves us all.

Our mission is to introduce people of all ages to Jesus Christ as Saviour & Lord and help them grow to maturity in Christ.

We seek to serve our local community but always with an eye on the needs which exist in the world. We are committed to the Bible as God's revelation to humankind, but not in a simplistic and literal sense, and seek to rely more and more on the Holy Spirit to inform and refresh our journey with our leader, Jesus.

Athlone Calvinist is a place where many people have found a new life through God’s grace, forgiveness and healing.

We all came from different backgrounds with our own stories, therefore we are passionate about seeing a diverse group of people finding a common story in Christ.

Mission Statement

The Mission of our church is to become a witnessing, progressive and moving church.