Athlone Calvinist Protestant Church

Making it count for the kingdom because the time has come

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We must be like trees planted by the water, using the gifts of the Spirit to produce the fruits of the Spirit.
This is done through the power of the Holy Spirit in in the light of the second coming

Our Ministers

Stephen Snyman

Stephen Snyman has been a full time minister of the Calvinist Church of South Africa since 1990. He has been serving as the resident minister of the Athlone congregation since 7 June 2007. Prior to his move to Athlone, Stephen Snyman served as a minister in the congregations of Buffelsrivier, Sarepta and Paarl.

Stephen Snyman has a Diploma in Theology obtained from the Calvinist Protestant Seminary, Bachelor of Theology Honours obtained a University of Western Cape, and Masters in Clinical Pastoral Counselling obtained from Stellenbosch University in 2012. Stephen Snyman is also in the possession of the following two international qualifications, a post graduate certificate in pastoral care obtained from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and a post graduate diploma in globalisation and ethics obtained from Dalarna University in Sweden. Stephen Snyman is also a crisis counsellor/facilitator a qualification he obatined from the University of Cape Town. Stephen Snyman is currently reading for his Doctorate in Philosophy in pastoral care.

Jeanene Matthyse

Jeanene Joy Matthyse was the first women to be ordained as a ministers in the broader Calvinist Church. She has been a minister in the Calvinist church since 2004. Jeanene is currently a part time minister sharing her time between the church and teaching Life Orientation at a local school.

Jeanene holds a degree in counselling obtained from Cornerstone Christian College and a diploma in Theology obtained from the Calvinist Protestant Seminary. Her area of expertise is children counselling and youth ministry.