Athlone Calvinist Protestant Church

Making it count for the kingdom because the time has come

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We must be like trees planted by the water, using the gifts of the Spirit to produce the fruits of the Spirit.
This is done through the power of the Holy Spirit in in the light of the second coming

Hands of Mercy

Hands of Mercy are the support group arm of Camp Mercy who focuses on the friends and family members of addicted loved ones. This organisation was started by four dedicated people, namely John Odendal, Alvin Oliver, Randall Cerff and Peter van der Westhuizen. Family members can share their experiences with people who truly understand the challenges of living with an addict as they learn tips for recreating a functional family unit. Hands of Mercy and Camp mercy meets both separately and jointly to support each other

Much of the meeting time is dedicated to members sharing their experiences about dealing with an addicted loved one. Speaking at a Hand of Mercy meeting is entirely voluntary. You are not expected to speak if you don't feel comfortable doing so. The most important aspect of a Hand of Mercy meeting is your attendance. Listening to other members has a therapy method that can help your own experience in dealing with your drug-addicted loved one. If referrals are needed this group would advise on to one counselling, rehabilitation therapy or other type of therapy as the need is identified.

Visit our weekly meetings in the church hall on Thursday evenings at 19H30.