Athlone Calvinist Protestant Church

Making it count for the kingdom because the time has come

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We must be like trees planted by the water, using the gifts of the Spirit to produce the fruits of the Spirit.
This is done through the power of the Holy Spirit in in the light of the second coming

Prayer Circle – Motto: We kneel to conquer

The Prayer Circle came into existence in 1945 which makes it the oldest organisation of the church as it was formed prior to the official founding of the church. Dr ID Morkel constantly emphasised in his sermons that having a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ was much more important than being a member of the church.

The purpose of the prayer circle is to encourage people

  • to pray
  • teach how to pray effectively
  • make people realise that nothing should be undertaken unless it is preceded by prayer
  • have regular prayer sessions
  • have prayer walks and track distributions
  • have Jesus and community marches
  • Open air services
  • Prayer sessions at schools
  • Visit the sick and aged
  • Regular monthly visits to old age homes

If you have any prayer request, or if you have a problem and you need to speak to someone, get in contact with one of our pastoral staff as listed on our contact us page who would be happy to be of assistance.

Meeting time

Sunday afternoons at 14.30 at church

For further information contact

Rose Petersen

021 939 8494
072 195 2058